Exerflex Putty is available in 3 levels of firmness for varying resistances. Our FIRM putty offers maximum resistance for advanced therapies while SOFT putty is much more pliable, allowing for a gentler routine. MEDIUM putty is ideal for mid-level therapy and allows for a wide range of use.
Exerflex Putty is available in 2 sizes.
Choose from 3 ounces or 1 pound.

We also offer a Progressive Training Pack which contains putty of each firmness in the container size of your choice.
Each Firmness Level
comes in one of two colors.
FIRM: blue or orange
MEDIUM: green or glow-in-the-dark
SOFT: light blue or purple
Note:Color is subject to availability. If your requested color is unavailable, you will be notified of the color substutions for our order.




Progressive Training

Colors for the Progressive Training Kit are dependant on availability. You will receive a different color for each firmness.

Our Progressive Training Kit includes putty from each of the three firmnesses - firm, medium and soft. Select a container size above for less then it would cost to purchase individually.

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